Friday, March 27, 2015

Where to get good and influential bloggers?

7 Tools for Finding & Connecting With Influential Bloggers:

'via Blog this'

Reaching out to highly influential blogger can be
difficult but there are still potential bloggers that you may consider. Some of
them are not hard to find and already built their connections in the
blogosphere and Social Media.

You may see and meet them in different events helping to
build community and awareness online. In this post, I'll show you how to catch
the good ones, yes, they are the quiet ones - waiting for the perfect
opportunity. Most of them are not physically present in some venues because
they become too picky in choosing blogging projects.

Tip 1# - The
Create a database that lists all bloggers you have
invited. Monitor how active they are from blogging by clustering them base on
their blog post activity (date they published the post event experience),
social media sharing (monitor how they shared their stories and count their
retweets or likes), and attendance (if they skipped your events for how many

Other factors may also affect your decision in choosing
bloggers like their blog structure (is it messy or full of competitor banner
ads), paid or free domains,  relevance of
the blog (niche) and location (if you allow physical presence of a blogger or
if you wanted someone can blog without experiencing the event - depending on
the project availability).

Tip# 2 - NO TO
I know and it’s very common to read public invites and it
is really tempting to attend those on the spot events. But, you must be careful
on where you post your details. I have heard (and experience) horrible stories
about gatecrashers, misrepresentation, stealing of blogger's personal items,
stalkers and loot baggers
(Who claimed themselves as bloggers but they are just
after for free food and giveaways and you'll never hear from them afterwards).

Another thing to point out is be careful in sending email
invites. There was one incident that one or two bloggers send the same invite
(event) to their blogger friends which led to confusion and misunderstanding.

I know we are lazy to personalized the invite but if you
can bcc: your contacts and ask your main contact to become their blog
ambassador / representative and will take care of sending the invites - cool

All bloggers have their own perspective view about how
you will approach them if it is a free valued sponsorship or getting them paid
to review your products or services. I know some don't accept any monetary
compensation, but think of other ways like allowances or shuttle service.
Bloggers have expenses too. We commute, buy our clothes, pay our electricity
and internet!

NOTE: There are freeloaders (bloggers who are after for
freebies) that are available 24/7. Think of the consequences. A copy paste blog
post from the PR kit versus someone who asks for an exchange paid post.

You have all online platforms, feel free to use them. If
you don't know how to maximize your resources, then, you have problems in
adapting the cyber culture.  Having
trouble in understanding the importance of Social Media, Blogging and SEO in promoting
your products or services can create huge impact in establishing your goal.

If you have to measure their blogs, you may use Google
Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Insights, and a lot of tools available

How about you? 
What are your blogger preferences? Please feel free to share them below!

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