Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random Tips on Facebook

Almost everyone living in this planet has Facebook. It's now part of your daily routine to check your phone or notebook and browse your timeline (24/7 others might say). There are useful things to do in Facebook instead of sharing non-sense posts which is a big disappointment to some of your 'conservative' friends.

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer or anyone who uses Facebook to uplift their brand or company,  here are some info I gathered today:

Average Posts Daily
Posting or invading someone else's timeline is annoying. I simply hide them for the meantime and goes back with them after few days (I hate to read rants, fake feelings, war posts, etc). Instead, schedule your posting for not more than 5x a day. Can you manage your feelings? -- the answer is YES.

Post something interesting worth to share
I avoid clicking someone's blog post when they posted a plain blog URL on their timeline. Why? How can a blog post more interesting if the poster didn't even say a word about them? WORST - they have the same introduction!

Any posts can be interesting if you started it in a form of: question, realization, excitement, or make it intriguing.

Stop grabbing 'post of the day' from :) instead create your own variation of post. It can be your own photo or anything you wanted to share personally (hello Timehop!). Keep it simple, short and unique. Stop posting your favorite ice cream, I already tasted it few year ago :P

No Time for Facebook ?
Then, deactivate your account. Just kidding.There are things called "tools" wherein you can manage your Facebook or any Social Media posts. Hootsuite, doesn't ring a bell?

Share a post, win a friend!
Make sure that you always find time to talk to human beings and share some of their interesting posts. Don't be selfish, always do something that will make your Facebook page an interesting place to live in!

There are tons of great ideas to share, if you have your own favorite techniques - please comment below.

Be an active participant in Social Media.

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