Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are you know-it-all?


When I started learning SEO in 2007, there was a point that I didn't knew everything so I would rather seek help from my colleagues or read a lot of stuff in Google.

One of the most challenging part was when we encountered "first time" problems that we didn't knew it was existed. After long debates and analysis, you'll find a solution in any case that you have imagined from duplicate contents, mirrored sites, wrong landing pages, slowly pacing sites, awful structure, and worst - no traffic, no conversion since the site was launched.

I know there are a lot of 'experts' (they claimed) in the field but regardless of those 'self proclaiemd promotions' (including putting their own job title to impressed people), still, we didn't know everything about SEO.

Honestly, I am  not an expert. My skills brought me to analyze certain situations and what interests me most is troubleshooting and identifying factors that will affect the website's performance in Search and Conversion.

Others got a huge experience in technical background or content management, but I come to a point that I must rely on my instincts and ask them a huge favor to help me in working on the several stuffs like redirects, server issues, coding, design, and a lot more.

My role is to challenge each individual to identify and learned from them at the same time. As a return, if someone asked our help - we should do the same. There are few trusted SEO i may consider that are reachable and open minded. Best thing is - keep them on your circles. Exchange views on certain issues and figure out what best can be done.

One more thing, NEVER trust anyone who says they are "experts," know their credentials first before trusting them.

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