Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner's Guide

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner's Guide:

I stumbled upon this post and I'm going to share some of my basic techniques in keyword researching.

Basic things you need:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Google Adwords (for keyword researching)
  4. Excel document
  5. & Your creativity

This is as easy as 1-2-3.

New Websites

  • Review raw keyword suggestions based on your website contents. This can be helpful in creating a list of keywords.
  • Make a keyword research on volume, traffic and clicks. You may use several keyword tools. Google Adwords is one good example but there are still relevant tools to use. Use your "instincts."
  • Assign brand keywords for your website. Do not forget to include your brand name in each pages. It is important that people will remember your 'name' not with 'long tail keywords'
  • Implement those keywords in your pages. Spread them equally on your title tags, descriptions and sometimes in your images.
  • Do not over distribute or spam your pages. I still see pages that use the same root keyword every now and then. Be creative in assigning keywords.
  • Save those keywords in excel spreadsheet. Monitor the keywords every two to three months.

Old or Existing Sites

  • Review if there are ranking keywords in your website. Try searching them on 
  • If you can't find your website in 1st three pages, then use the "New  Websites" strategy.
  • If you find your website using your existing keywords, proceed with the next step below.
  • List those ranking keywords based on organic traffic, referral sites and clicks
  • Analyze which pages get the most clicks and traffic. Which one has conversions? 
  • Sort them out accordingly. Feel free to decide which keywords to retain or....
  • If you need to add keywords, refer to the post above (New Websites).

Same cycle. Research. Draft. Test. Analyze. Record.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Top 10 Best Resources to Learn About SEO | VerticalResponse Blog

The Top 10 Best Resources to Learn About SEO | VerticalResponse Blog:

If you just started learning SEO and still confuse with some strategies then this list of blogs and website can help you understand more about the subject matter.

Please keep in mind that some opinions are based from the experience or what they have learned after doing some SEO stuff in their website.

If you are still unsure, please do not make necessary changes in your site. Better consult an expert or anyone who have experience. Making drastic changes in your website can be a wrong move if you don't properly apply and follow the SEO basic practices. Yes, seem basics but violating each rules may result from penalty and....your website will be in dark room...!!!

I highly recommend Search Engine Land, MOZ and Google resources.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are you know-it-all?


When I started learning SEO in 2007, there was a point that I didn't knew everything so I would rather seek help from my colleagues or read a lot of stuff in Google.

One of the most challenging part was when we encountered "first time" problems that we didn't knew it was existed. After long debates and analysis, you'll find a solution in any case that you have imagined from duplicate contents, mirrored sites, wrong landing pages, slowly pacing sites, awful structure, and worst - no traffic, no conversion since the site was launched.

I know there are a lot of 'experts' (they claimed) in the field but regardless of those 'self proclaiemd promotions' (including putting their own job title to impressed people), still, we didn't know everything about SEO.

Honestly, I am  not an expert. My skills brought me to analyze certain situations and what interests me most is troubleshooting and identifying factors that will affect the website's performance in Search and Conversion.

Others got a huge experience in technical background or content management, but I come to a point that I must rely on my instincts and ask them a huge favor to help me in working on the several stuffs like redirects, server issues, coding, design, and a lot more.

My role is to challenge each individual to identify and learned from them at the same time. As a return, if someone asked our help - we should do the same. There are few trusted SEO i may consider that are reachable and open minded. Best thing is - keep them on your circles. Exchange views on certain issues and figure out what best can be done.

One more thing, NEVER trust anyone who says they are "experts," know their credentials first before trusting them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Random Tips on Facebook

Almost everyone living in this planet has Facebook. It's now part of your daily routine to check your phone or notebook and browse your timeline (24/7 others might say). There are useful things to do in Facebook instead of sharing non-sense posts which is a big disappointment to some of your 'conservative' friends.

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer or anyone who uses Facebook to uplift their brand or company,  here are some info I gathered today:

Average Posts Daily
Posting or invading someone else's timeline is annoying. I simply hide them for the meantime and goes back with them after few days (I hate to read rants, fake feelings, war posts, etc). Instead, schedule your posting for not more than 5x a day. Can you manage your feelings? -- the answer is YES.

Post something interesting worth to share
I avoid clicking someone's blog post when they posted a plain blog URL on their timeline. Why? How can a blog post more interesting if the poster didn't even say a word about them? WORST - they have the same introduction!

Any posts can be interesting if you started it in a form of: question, realization, excitement, or make it intriguing.

Stop grabbing 'post of the day' from :) instead create your own variation of post. It can be your own photo or anything you wanted to share personally (hello Timehop!). Keep it simple, short and unique. Stop posting your favorite ice cream, I already tasted it few year ago :P

No Time for Facebook ?
Then, deactivate your account. Just kidding.There are things called "tools" wherein you can manage your Facebook or any Social Media posts. Hootsuite, doesn't ring a bell?

Share a post, win a friend!
Make sure that you always find time to talk to human beings and share some of their interesting posts. Don't be selfish, always do something that will make your Facebook page an interesting place to live in!

There are tons of great ideas to share, if you have your own favorite techniques - please comment below.

Be an active participant in Social Media.

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