Thursday, January 15, 2015

The importance of changing Copyright Date on your website

Many of you are asking, what's the importance of changing the copyright date in the footer on your website? Sometimes we often neglect this minor issue specially if your website has been updated, you should have change it for search engines to re-crawl your website but it is not mandatory (they said!) when I've read several articles because some website do not want to change it.

Quote from WebprosnewsUK:
Also, for search engine optimization purposes, you might update the footer of your web pages to include a link to your site’s home page along with your copyright. If you mention your company name in the copyright notice, consider adding linking that either to your web site’s home page or even an “about us” or “about our company” web page on your web site. This additional link may help your search engine rankings.

No worries! You can update the Copyright automatically, here's how:
New Year – Change Copyright Year In Your Website Footer In One Go!

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