Friday, January 9, 2015

How to build your own brand

For those who would like to establish their small business and make it more profitable this year, here are some ways on how you can build your own brand without worrying about SEO or any Internet Marketing.

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This is how people will identify you as a brand. Not just memorizing your website but also a graphical way of visualizing your mission and vision.

Free lootbags? Try giving away small items incorporating your logo. Send your family and friends - pens, shirts, umbrellas and coffee mugs

Join charitable events in your local community but not just exposing your brand but to build a relationship. Somehow in the future, locals will recognize you and your brand.

Aside from giving away loot bags or freebies, make sure you include your Social Media IDs like following you in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Start joining simple gatherings of different organization which do you think is beneficial to you. Having something in common for example, like joining in a real estate gathering or attending events and convention. Make sure you have a business card on hand so that you can exchange contact information (sounds old school, but still cool).

Oh well those are just the few things I've read and I know there are still a lot of ways on how your brand can be noticeable in consumer world. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post your comments below and I'm happy to hear from you.

This post was inspired from the article, 5 Ways Small Businesses Can build their Brands in 2015 - Search Engine Watch

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