Tuesday, December 23, 2014

An Organic way of How to attract visitors

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Wishing that more people would like to visit your website? Here are some easy tips on how to attract visitors using organic methods.

1. Post fresh updates 
As a blogger, we publish more than 2 posts per day depending on the availability of resources. In order for your site to gain and attract visitors, think of a good content to post. Content is NOT just about ADVERTISEMENT or PROMOTIONS instead concentrate on how your materials can convert into traffic. You may select a topic that is more interesting rather than posting something that everyone knows about it. Create a twist of plot by making your post - personal and eye catching.

2. Target proper keywords
Research for most used keywords or go to your Google Analytics and analyze which keywords drive traffic into your website.

Feel free to  use other keyword tools as well. List down those keywords you might think is popular in social sharing sites. Those keywords are natural and search engines love crawling the contents.

Don't overuse the keywords instead, make it more presentable. If it's a brand term, avoid mentioning the brand product/service more than 5x. Why? because you're pushing Google crawlers to identify that the brand name you're mentioning is a self-promotion. Be careful in linking as well to different keywords. There are "hot" keywords in Google that everyone should avoid using it. What are those? Read Google Webmaster guidelines.

3. Be Sociable.
Have you heard the latest news from Instagram on banning "paid followers or bots?," If you're planning to do this, better think twice. Social Sharing sites are now vigilant in chasing "paid followers" so if you have less than 100 followers, and thinking on how to boost it? Here are some ideas....

Share your page to your family and friends. Introduce that those are the pages you manage and ask them to like, follow and share them to their newsfeed/timeline. Do not disregard your family and friends, they are your #1 followers :) and the rest is history.

Post regularly to increase engagement. Avoid posting one liner nonsense rant about nobody cares about it. Instead post a question or any relevant information like seasonal topics or controversial. I bet, if you asked, "What do you want to receive this Christmas" - expect tons of answers from them.

Avoid over promotion. If you're running a campaign. Stop boosting it from almost every hour - everyday. It is very annoying to read repetitive posts. I actually hide them from my timeline or report them to Facebook for spamming.

4. How to get a relevant and natural backlink?
It's simple. Mention something and link it but be very careful in linking other trusted sites like Wikipedia or any seed sites. It's not helpful. Instead, find other blogs that interest or related to your topic. Ask them if you can mention them on your post. And expect an answer with -- a yes!

5. Mobile Usability
Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Optimize your website for mobile audience. Most users now read or search from their mobile phones when they are on the go.

If you have anything in mind or would like to share that helped you in generating good traffic and conversion in your website, feel free to post in the comment box below.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogging and Social Media will be the keys to SEO in 2015

I'm currently reading this prediction and what we can expect to dominate 2015? Below are some of the predictions listed:

1. Content Marketing vs SEO.
In 2015, let us move on and let Content Marketing drive you to success.
Not only based from what keywords you're implementing, it is now you create a comprehensive content and make your website visible.

2. Go Mobile.
Consider optimizing for mobile. Google has been penalizing websites that won't work in mobile devices.
You may check if your website is mobile-friendly through https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

3. Page Loads. Stop those heavy loading images, animations, pop ups etc
If your website is slow in desktop, automatically it will be slow in mobiles too. Avoid heavy loading of pages, your visitors will leave your page immediately and don't want them too wait to load your site.

4. More text and "moving" graphics.
See how Buzzfeed amazes you when you're reading the articles. No more boring images, heavy texts or infographics.
Make it "meme" or has brief captions. For the sake of entertainment!

5. Competition vs Negative SEO.
If you think your competitors are harsh and promoting you in a bad way. Look into the positive side, make your website reputable. Build networks (not spamming), and secure your profile.

6. Brand mention usage. Google now catches those who will just drag brand names just for the sake of ranking in search results.
Be careful in using brand terms or incorporating brand keywords on your website. Citations, referencing, or mentioning brands are complicated and difficult. Just be careful in using those terms.

7. Build Relationship.
Nowadays, promoting a brand or products or services is easy and inexpensive. Or let's say, you don't need a heavy promotion. Make sure you have cleaned up your contacts and networks. Create a goal for 2015.

Focus on those who can help you more rather than those who will just spam you. They say that blogging and social media is still the key for online marketing success. And we will be looking forward for more effective practices and transformation.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Diagnosis: SEO Failure - Who is liable?

Note: This is base from a true story :)

There are many reasons why SEO campaigns fail to achieve their goal. But first let us check what happen and analyze each situations.

Case #1
Client side:
We are not comfortable with the website we are running. We want to change everything from domain name, website platform, etc

SEO side:
Knowing that major overhaul of a website takes a while for you to organize everything. As an SEO:

List down all important matters about the website
Check all keywords, if they rank well in previous sites or retain them
Critical phase would be, losing all ranks and traffic

Horror story: 
The client wanted to change the domain name again and wanted to retain the contents and keywords. Go out and figure what will happen next.

-- All Efforts lost. Back to zero gaming in SEO.

If your website has been optimized and doing pretty well in some of your keywords, make sure if  you decide to overhaul the website -- optimize the pages as well. Another thing is, sit down with your developer and marketing team - discuss the importance of each revisions and make them aware what are those things you need to implement.

Case #2 Leads not converting
As an SEO, after optimizing the website the next thing to do is to market your website. You brought leads and then none of them converts.

Issue: The product you're endorsing is not convincing enough. Review your products and re-program your benefits.

If the one who markets your product don't possess the ability to convince the users to convert them to purchase, then, you will lose the opportunity. Make sure the person you delegate have convincing powers and never leave a conversation with a hanging answers of -- we don't know, we will try, we don't have money.

Case #3 - SEO cannot fix everything
The nightmare begins when client asked you "why they don't see their website in search results?"

Thinking, the site was launched two months and Google has constantly updating. Your keywords are too competitive. And what the client wanted is a nightmare.

We are not magicians, if the client is unhappy with the results - they will consult another SEO agency/person...and for the other agency, who will salespitch the client will say "we can do better"...losing an account is not the end of it. Let them go, and move on. If you feel betrayed and client's attitude drains your motivation, it's about time to leave them. Who knows, a better opportunity is waiting for you.