Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to manage online promotions during Holiday

"Ber" months or the last quarter is the busiest (do you agree?). People are outside. Decorations are sparkling. Sale is a sure winner. Traffic is everywhere.

But what comes into our mind is -- how can we manage all these activities because we don't have enough time! (time pressure).

Make sure you list down all important activities and mark it on your calendar. Set a reminder about each activities. Going out? Pretty sure you have your ETA. Don't be late. Traffic is your best enemy.

Just like "greeting cards," feel free to use any holiday keywords like "Christmas treat, holiday spree, Christmas on a budget, Christmas sale, etc" Search for top holiday keywords and mix it with the brand or if you have a particular campaign, or making a list consider the keywords "best holiday deals, gifts for him or her, top Christmas wishlist, Toys for Christmas, etc."

Save those keywords in excel and list down each new keywords you would like to target.
Don't be too generic or else no one will read your post.

If you wanted to experience a different approach, try those holiday deals or packages offer by hotels and restaurants. I am a big fan of Christmas bazaars. I managed to go to each different places every week just to experience and see what they offer. Finding rare stuff on each bazaar is awesome and eating special holiday foods too! Make sure you bring a lot of cash some don't accept credit cards in small bazaars.

If you are on a low budget, attend those "free Christmas events" like Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Christmas programs in your community and  malls. Because it's free, expect huge crowd of spectators. If you know someone who organized the event, ask for a VIP seat (in a nice way, don't threat them) LOL

I know you have set of reunions, get together, family gatherings and your  calendar is full of outside activity. Thinking of how you can able to publish your post...hmmm, it's 2014 --- go mobile!

If you have gadgets like tablets or mobile phones that has an ability to publish articles, then, bring them with you. Or worst, schedule each posts and automate them. Don't commit yourself to get online 24/7 (nerd!). Have fun and go out, it's holiday.

Hmmm, I think those are just things we need to consider in beating the holiday deadline. Always remember that we have the right to enjoy this season. Don't delay your posts and inform everyone that you are having a good time.

If you have more online publishing tips this holiday, feel free to post your comments below!

Have a White Christmas, everyone! (I'm not dreaming anymore, lol)

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