Monday, November 10, 2014

For Business Starters; The Most Important Characteristics to Look For When Hiring

Business starters face a lot of challenges in hiring. Usually, new companies often compete against billion-dollar corporations for quality talent. The compensations that these giant-companies can offer far beats what is being offered by new companies.

Definitely, every business wants bright, dedicated team members who will abide with the company’s mission and will work hard to fulfill that mission. New companies need to search, however, talented folks who might not fit the classic rot in the sense that market leaders expect.

The good thing here is that new companies should be aware that higher education and prior work experience at premium-brand companies aren’t the most important characteristics when building up a team. New companies must search for individuals who are willing to work for lower pay who have potential for remarkable growth, both for themselves and their employer.

Well, to find a diamond in the rough, finders have to become skillful at spotting important characteristics to look for when hiring employees for a business startup.

Here are few of the most important characteristics to look for your first team: 


Filling up your company with intellectually curious people pays a lot of dividends. Curious individuals are definitely the best kind of team to have around the company since they challenge each other and the firm itself to continue rapid growth and advancement of new skills. In addition, intellectually curious people are fun to be around.

Curious people are often unique. They always think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be challenged by such people.


Competitive people are perfect match for young companies because they present hustle, joy and determination. Competitive people aren’t afraid to work hard to reach their goal and when hindrance strikes. It is natural in their character to swipe off themselves and their company as well and move forward.

Usually, most business starters seek out athletes or people who are into sports. Competition in sports is very similar to that in business. Both worlds require careful preparation, goal setting, mental skill, respect for the competition and flexibility. It is great advantage for big companies in the industry to have athletic employees who love winning.

A lot of young companies benefit from having competitive players in their team.


More than being intelligent, apparently, the most important characteristic is integrity. Without integrity, it is easy to say that a company has a lot people smart and competitive people who are ready to kill the company as well. Although smart people may put the business in a pedestal, they may likewise cheat or steal from the company.

Here is one tip for new companies to find an honest person, during the interview ask the candidate this question, “Can you tell me one thing about yourself that if I knew it, it would cause me think about whether I should hire you or not?”

Definitely, the answer to that question will tell everything that business owners need to know about a candidate’s integrity. In addition, the question will tell volumes about the candidate’s openness, humility and self-awareness, which are all important character traits of a person particularly when in a workplace.

Having employees with the above-said character traits can put any young business in a good position.

It may take some time to unveil these diamonds among the stones, but absolutely it is worth waiting for.


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