Friday, November 14, 2014

Accepting Paid Links on your blogs? Be careful

I'm analyzing the email posted on this blog post and thinking what went wrong and Why received a big Slap from Google.

1. The message says, directly link with us and we'll pay you.
2. The content they wanted is just simply review or neutral which is vague. Literally, we can simply create a 200 blog post of review by reading other people's review on some travel websites (LOL).
3. the byline "brought to you by...blah blah blah," forcing you to create this phrase that looks like a paid posting.

Okay here are some of my tips to get rid of this and take extra measures when accepting projects:

1. Say NO and justify your reason.
Honestly, I declined so many blog post reviews offered by different brands because I don't feel it will boost my blog. I wanted a hands-on experience on every product, events or activities. I'm no longer an active blogger, so, don't offer me such kind of thing unless we're super close --- I can consider by inviting other people to test it and conduct a study to create a blog post review, otherwise -- STOP EMAILING ME!

2. When linking, I've noticed bloggers just shoot the link in between of each of every paragraph. We can't help to mention the brand every now and then but be careful, as algorithm changes, your brand may get affected easily. Why? because it looked like a spam blog post. Imagine, each of sentences this "brand" name is mentioned. Can't you think of a better content to write? (sounded like a tape recorder...playback and shuffle to repeat!)

3. Banners are scattered.
Your blog is not a wheel of ads that changes from every seconds, your blog is not a billboard too. If someone offered you a banner ads campaign, make sure it was placed accordingly. Do not overlap your banners. Banners can be place above your page (headline), left or right side (vertical) and every after post (in between if you know CSS). But never place ads floating on your blog. It will irritates your readers and will just hit the "X" button.

4. Press Releases, just copy and paste - done!
I am also lazy sometimes so I just copy paste and then publish every Press Releases I received. Guilty, and realized it was wrong. Create a summary before you publish the Press Release. Sometimes, I just linked it to the original PR from their official site. If you're lazy, then, that's fine. It's your choice. But make at least 2-3 personal posts in between.

Now, I just trash all those PRs I've received from my inbox unless we're friends, PR with a purpose (charity events, humanitarian activity, volunteering, learning venues, etc) or send me a product to review (ahem, someone else will review it on my blog).

To summarize everything, let us be careful in choosing article projects in our blogs. If you think "sports" is not your forte, then, don't write it. If you blog about "gadgets," stop being a "food" critic. If you blog generally about everything, categorize your posts per niche. Proper labeling will help your readers to select the articles they would like to read.

Happy Blogging!


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