Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Smart Entrepreneurship: To Hire or Not to Hire Friends

When it comes to hiring friends, most employers often become hesitant. On the employer’s part, it is quite hard to manage and protect the friendship while still incentivizing task flow.

An expert in in the business industry shared his own experience with his friends and family relatives who are likewise become his colleagues and partners in business. His experience is quite good. For him, it is a common sense to do business with those you love and trust the most. He believes that if your values and home and in business or work are the same, there is nothing to fear.

However, not all people might disagree with the idea of hiring friends in business because not every friend is the right friend to hire.

Here are some of the things to consider before making job offer to a friend:

Hire Good Family Relatives Only

The success of business lies on the people you hire. A business expert suggested one important hiring philosophy, “One great person is equal to three good people” when it comes to business productivity.

Apparently, the same philosophy applies in every hiring situation – even when hiring family and friends. Come to think of it, if you hire a great person, there is nothing to worry about being slacked off. Also, you won’t need to provide extra incentives for them to work hard. In fact, they will be very passionate, so energetic and eagerly fanatical about the business and their contribution in growing the business and bringing it to success. It’s a guarantee that they will work even harder for the company.

Open Connection

One of the basic foundations in many companies is leadership. However, there can be no leadership without trust, and there can be no trust without open communication. Experts claimed that when hiring a friend, it is most important to set clear expectations for productivity right from the start and discuss what success looks like after setting your specific goals. This is to ensure that there should be a mutual respect and understanding between the two of you.  

Once in a while, be sure to have a “touch base” meeting to discuss each employee’s job performance. During the meeting, encourage them to share any challenges, queries and concerns that they encounter with their tasks and with you as well. Doing the same on a regular basis is recommended particularly in young companies.

In addition, it is also advisable to conduct a formal every other month, six-month and annual performance review.

Work and Play

That overwhelming emotion of having someone you already like and respect as your business partner is an awesome feeling. But don’t worry, as an employer, you don’t really have to draw a clear line between your personal and professional relationship in order to keep both worlds healthy. It’s just a simple logic, if you love what you do, then hiring a friend doesn’t always mean you’re driving each other apart, but instead, you are strengthening and deepening your relationship.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to manage online promotions during Holiday

"Ber" months or the last quarter is the busiest (do you agree?). People are outside. Decorations are sparkling. Sale is a sure winner. Traffic is everywhere.

But what comes into our mind is -- how can we manage all these activities because we don't have enough time! (time pressure).

Make sure you list down all important activities and mark it on your calendar. Set a reminder about each activities. Going out? Pretty sure you have your ETA. Don't be late. Traffic is your best enemy.

Just like "greeting cards," feel free to use any holiday keywords like "Christmas treat, holiday spree, Christmas on a budget, Christmas sale, etc" Search for top holiday keywords and mix it with the brand or if you have a particular campaign, or making a list consider the keywords "best holiday deals, gifts for him or her, top Christmas wishlist, Toys for Christmas, etc."

Save those keywords in excel and list down each new keywords you would like to target.
Don't be too generic or else no one will read your post.

If you wanted to experience a different approach, try those holiday deals or packages offer by hotels and restaurants. I am a big fan of Christmas bazaars. I managed to go to each different places every week just to experience and see what they offer. Finding rare stuff on each bazaar is awesome and eating special holiday foods too! Make sure you bring a lot of cash some don't accept credit cards in small bazaars.

If you are on a low budget, attend those "free Christmas events" like Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Christmas programs in your community and  malls. Because it's free, expect huge crowd of spectators. If you know someone who organized the event, ask for a VIP seat (in a nice way, don't threat them) LOL

I know you have set of reunions, get together, family gatherings and your  calendar is full of outside activity. Thinking of how you can able to publish your post...hmmm, it's 2014 --- go mobile!

If you have gadgets like tablets or mobile phones that has an ability to publish articles, then, bring them with you. Or worst, schedule each posts and automate them. Don't commit yourself to get online 24/7 (nerd!). Have fun and go out, it's holiday.

Hmmm, I think those are just things we need to consider in beating the holiday deadline. Always remember that we have the right to enjoy this season. Don't delay your posts and inform everyone that you are having a good time.

If you have more online publishing tips this holiday, feel free to post your comments below!

Have a White Christmas, everyone! (I'm not dreaming anymore, lol)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Accepting Paid Links on your blogs? Be careful

I'm analyzing the email posted on this blog post and thinking what went wrong and Why received a big Slap from Google.

1. The message says, directly link with us and we'll pay you.
2. The content they wanted is just simply review or neutral which is vague. Literally, we can simply create a 200 blog post of review by reading other people's review on some travel websites (LOL).
3. the byline "brought to you by...blah blah blah," forcing you to create this phrase that looks like a paid posting.

Okay here are some of my tips to get rid of this and take extra measures when accepting projects:

1. Say NO and justify your reason.
Honestly, I declined so many blog post reviews offered by different brands because I don't feel it will boost my blog. I wanted a hands-on experience on every product, events or activities. I'm no longer an active blogger, so, don't offer me such kind of thing unless we're super close --- I can consider by inviting other people to test it and conduct a study to create a blog post review, otherwise -- STOP EMAILING ME!

2. When linking, I've noticed bloggers just shoot the link in between of each of every paragraph. We can't help to mention the brand every now and then but be careful, as algorithm changes, your brand may get affected easily. Why? because it looked like a spam blog post. Imagine, each of sentences this "brand" name is mentioned. Can't you think of a better content to write? (sounded like a tape recorder...playback and shuffle to repeat!)

3. Banners are scattered.
Your blog is not a wheel of ads that changes from every seconds, your blog is not a billboard too. If someone offered you a banner ads campaign, make sure it was placed accordingly. Do not overlap your banners. Banners can be place above your page (headline), left or right side (vertical) and every after post (in between if you know CSS). But never place ads floating on your blog. It will irritates your readers and will just hit the "X" button.

4. Press Releases, just copy and paste - done!
I am also lazy sometimes so I just copy paste and then publish every Press Releases I received. Guilty, and realized it was wrong. Create a summary before you publish the Press Release. Sometimes, I just linked it to the original PR from their official site. If you're lazy, then, that's fine. It's your choice. But make at least 2-3 personal posts in between.

Now, I just trash all those PRs I've received from my inbox unless we're friends, PR with a purpose (charity events, humanitarian activity, volunteering, learning venues, etc) or send me a product to review (ahem, someone else will review it on my blog).

To summarize everything, let us be careful in choosing article projects in our blogs. If you think "sports" is not your forte, then, don't write it. If you blog about "gadgets," stop being a "food" critic. If you blog generally about everything, categorize your posts per niche. Proper labeling will help your readers to select the articles they would like to read.

Happy Blogging!


Monday, November 10, 2014

For Business Starters; The Most Important Characteristics to Look For When Hiring

Business starters face a lot of challenges in hiring. Usually, new companies often compete against billion-dollar corporations for quality talent. The compensations that these giant-companies can offer far beats what is being offered by new companies.

Definitely, every business wants bright, dedicated team members who will abide with the company’s mission and will work hard to fulfill that mission. New companies need to search, however, talented folks who might not fit the classic rot in the sense that market leaders expect.

The good thing here is that new companies should be aware that higher education and prior work experience at premium-brand companies aren’t the most important characteristics when building up a team. New companies must search for individuals who are willing to work for lower pay who have potential for remarkable growth, both for themselves and their employer.

Well, to find a diamond in the rough, finders have to become skillful at spotting important characteristics to look for when hiring employees for a business startup.

Here are few of the most important characteristics to look for your first team: 


Filling up your company with intellectually curious people pays a lot of dividends. Curious individuals are definitely the best kind of team to have around the company since they challenge each other and the firm itself to continue rapid growth and advancement of new skills. In addition, intellectually curious people are fun to be around.

Curious people are often unique. They always think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be challenged by such people.


Competitive people are perfect match for young companies because they present hustle, joy and determination. Competitive people aren’t afraid to work hard to reach their goal and when hindrance strikes. It is natural in their character to swipe off themselves and their company as well and move forward.

Usually, most business starters seek out athletes or people who are into sports. Competition in sports is very similar to that in business. Both worlds require careful preparation, goal setting, mental skill, respect for the competition and flexibility. It is great advantage for big companies in the industry to have athletic employees who love winning.

A lot of young companies benefit from having competitive players in their team.


More than being intelligent, apparently, the most important characteristic is integrity. Without integrity, it is easy to say that a company has a lot people smart and competitive people who are ready to kill the company as well. Although smart people may put the business in a pedestal, they may likewise cheat or steal from the company.

Here is one tip for new companies to find an honest person, during the interview ask the candidate this question, “Can you tell me one thing about yourself that if I knew it, it would cause me think about whether I should hire you or not?”

Definitely, the answer to that question will tell everything that business owners need to know about a candidate’s integrity. In addition, the question will tell volumes about the candidate’s openness, humility and self-awareness, which are all important character traits of a person particularly when in a workplace.

Having employees with the above-said character traits can put any young business in a good position.

It may take some time to unveil these diamonds among the stones, but absolutely it is worth waiting for.