Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Accept it or Not - Google PageRank is USELESS

I know you are very much excited whenever Google announces there is a PageRank update and you kept refreshing on your toolbar to check if you either ranked higher or Google hates you so they gave you a gray colored toolbar.

I am once became a PR3 blog and so proud of it. Later on, I was infected by malware and I have no choice to force cleaned up my blog and start over again. Painful, it is. yeah, that's life in cyberspace either someone will mirror your blog or got injected with malware and shut your blog down for a while.


Then, the battle of what is the relevance of PageRank in every business. I saw some sites that ranked higher than me but hey, check them out and you'll find some hidden links those paid links that are invisible to our eyes and only FEW TALENTED  experts (ahem like us) will recognized it upon our investigation hehehe then, Google slapped some sites that have massive links on their pages. They suspected these are paid links because Google can trace the behavior the way you injected it on each of your contents. Bang!

So, Are you happy that Google PageRank is dying? What are your thoughts about it? Tell us more by posting your insights on our comment box.


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