Friday, December 9, 2011

Which Link To Choose

Link building is considered by many SEO experts to be one of the best ways of drawing traffic to your site. However, it can also turn out to be the hardest one, as the whole process can often take months for you to work on. And often, despite all your efforts, the links that you built will often still now be drawing in traffic.

So, how do you go with your link building to ensure that you get your desired traffic? Perhaps the first thing that you need to do here is to determine which type of links that you would want to go for. There are actually two types of links that you can go after here. Each actually has its own value for your site, so you can't easily discount one for the other.

Reciprocal links are the more common links that you will get here. With this one, you have to provide a link to a site first before it will also link with you. This one is fairly easy to receive, since the linking site will also get something in return (an inbound link to them), so they will actually give in much quicker to your request. However, the catch with this one is that it can also easily draw away precious traffic from you, especially if the sites that you have reciprocal links with are more popular than yours.

On the other hand, one way links are the ones that you would more often want. These links provide more valuable traffic to your site since they don't have outbound links that would get traffic moving away from your site. However, they will more than likely prove harder to get, as many sites, especially the high ranking ones, naturally won't give up such precious backlinks without something in return. In some cases, you would actually have to shell out some cash in order to get those links.

So what links are you supposed to be getting? Well, it would often depend on the status of your site. For fledgling sites, it would be better to gather as much reciprocal links as you can, as these are the easier ones that you will be able to get at this point. Also, they will be able to generate more traffic at this stage. Once you have increased your rankings to a more suitable position, you can then go after one way links. And since you have most likely established your presence at this point, it would be other sites who will automatically link up with you.

But, as have been said earlier, it wouldn't be a good idea to ditch one link in favor of the other. Getting one or two one way links every now and then during your first few months would certainly speed up your rise in the rankings, so you might want to still try and gun for them. On the other hand, reciprocal links will be very useful in further increasing your coverage in the web. Thus, it is important that you always take into account both during your link building strategies.

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