Friday, July 15, 2011

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is Search engine Optimization tool that lets you understand better the performance of your existing website. This allows you to see the interaction between customers and the company site. Its goal is to develop business intelligence about customers and how they use the website.

The main purpose of web analytics is to know the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing the web usage. By using this tool, you'll get to know the hit (popularity) of a website, page view, visit or session, first visit/session, visitor, unique visitor and unique user, repeat visitor, new visitor, impression, singletons, bounce rate, percentage exit, visibility time, session duration, page view duration or time on page, engagement time, page depth or page viewed per session, frequency, click path, click, and site overlay.

There are many web analytics tools available. Under the hosted web analytics software as a service, there are Bango Mobile Web Analytics, Clicktale, Google Analytics, VisiStat, Webtrends, Woopra and Yahoo! Web Analytics. There are also web analytics categorized as proprietary software and open source license.

All internet businesses are advised to use web analytics in monitoring the flow of their business. This is because the tool can help you in analysis and update of your business. It can tell you what changes should be made, the best example is with the use of keywords. You can find the right keywords to use so you'll be available on the searches of your target customers. You will have closer interaction with your customers and it can also take you where your target customers are dwelling.

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