Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Make a Good Website

The way a website looks definitely has something to do with its success. In fact, it has the largest part. But but if we are going to combine pleasant appearance and structure and good content, success will is just right there in a close distance. If your business is about business, you should give intense work on the two major components, they are layout/visuals and content. If you did it right for these component, your website has a good future.

Doing this is very easy, all you need to do is consider these guidelines.

    *      First, make sure that everything inside your homepages, or other pages are easy to read. This is a task included on the your web design. Use colors and images that are not sore to the eyes. Users will instantly leave your site once they feel they cannot take it looking at it.

    *      You should keep your site updated. It should always have fresh contents so uses won't get tired going back to your site. You can put in related articles, helpful links or anything that will make them bookmark your website.

    *      Make it easy to navigate. Keep every features easy to find. When users find ease exploring the page, they will surely stay in it longer.

    *      The design should match the characteristics of your target audience. If your target user is are teen ladies, you should dress your pages in a way that they will enjoy it, like it is modern and hippy. Also, you should consider the type of product or service that your is selling. If it's about health, you can use make it appear as green, if it is about toys for kids, you can use assorted colors.

    *      Be reachable for your audiences. Yo should display contact details so that the users who happened to have questions regarding your business can connect to you anytime. By doing this, you will have a good shot of getting their interest. And also, you must be open for criticism or suggestion. This will open for more improvement give you a direct idea of what to improve on your site.

    *      The content should also be clear and understandable. As far as you can, use only the words that don't require a dictionary for your audience to understand. You should also be observant with the spelling and grammar of every contents. Bad grammar will only give the users some shadows of doubt, thinking that you're site is not credible.

    *      Make sure that all the important sections of your webpage are not dead links. Users will lose the interest to explore any site once they find out that they cannot access the page that they want to go to. Pages should be on its proper location. If it is a very wide topic, contents should be categorized and sort out for the ease of exploring the page.

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