Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Tools for Web Designer

Web design is probably one of the emerging job field as of now. More and more businesses are trying their luck online because of the advantages brought by the web. And what dictates the future of an e-commerce? There are a lot, one is web design. And this transformation in business calls for new experts that can help out on promotion of the venture. Web designers shouldn't just respond to the call, they should perform it well enough in order to end up with a greatly designed website. To do this, one will need all the important tools that catches up with the changes in the web world. This tools will be very essential for every online businesses in their web site design and maintenance.

One thing that web developers and designers must work with is the appearance of the website, specifically the color. Color Calibration is something that must be observed before continuing with the work. This will help you find the right shade of color that you will possibly use. This is a work on the brightness and sharpness of the colors.

is a free software-based color calibration tool. This will allow you to calibrate the red, green and blue channels individually, for maximum accuracy.

is a tool that gives you access to thousands of different color combination which can be used on your project.

Font tools are those that is used on the content. Letters and numbers should be posted in a clear and understandable appearance. Failing to do so will just make your site ignorable.

Font Burner lets you search for fonts that you can embed in your site. You can embed the font you’ve chosen on your web pages by copying-and-pasting the code they provide (which uses sIFR)

Font Struct is another free font-building tool. This one lets you easily and quickly create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes.

Add ons are also a must have tool in web development. It allow the user to add or augment application features, use themes to his or her liking, and handle new types of content.

Firebug is one of the most preferred add on tool by most web developers. This one is working together with Firefox. This allows you to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page.

Measurelt is a Firefox plugin that lets you draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a web page.
Web Developer Toolbar is a useful Firefox plugin that provides many tools which web developers use on a daily basis. Great for quickly validating your XHTML or inspecting HTTP header information.

Domain tools are also important to bring distinction to the site name. A business will only be consider a business if it has a name.

Domainr is a tool that don't just tell you if the domain name is taken or not, it also takes your query and tries to create a more memorable name.

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