Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Limitations of Having Free Hosting Service

Who would says that having a free hosting service will not cause any troubles in the future? Obviously, the more pages and visitors you've got on your site has the possibility for your free host to go down and exceed the limits. If you don't have a much more budget, then I suggest you check on webhosting company packages that is being offered online.

Getting a well not functioned website will cost you more because you have to purchase everything from the domain, and the storage you are going to use. Aside from that, there are limitations of using free hosting service, a specific number of storage and ofcourse, you don't own the domain itself.

A great disadvantage of having a small sized bandwidth and of course you won't able to upgrade your site if you would like it to customize and include multimedia files such as mp3, mpeg, zip and all of that. You have no choice but simple see these annoying pop ups advertisements because you don't have full control on it. Unless you purchase the premium, and disabled all advertisements from the web host.

Aside from its free activation, and small storage features, one thing to be feared of is the risk of being spammed. Yes, you're going to received tons of advertisements and spam messages on your inbox and unusual activities may harm your site. Good bandwidths with few features are actually the same thing but you need to get the approval from the administrators of the free web hosting service. When file exceeds, you are not allowed to take another storage because you are not permitted to upload large files and its common for users to hot link their files to the web site which is frowned by web hosting whenever you've reach your limit.

For details on how you can measure your limitations on free webhosting, you can research and study different webhosting companies that offers affordable package online.

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