Saturday, March 26, 2011

The call for Online Reputation Management


It goes like this, all brands/services also suffer from negative impacts posted by different clients complaining about certain matters like poor product quality, poor service and even hearsay comments. From now on, you as an owner worried about certain gossips circulating around the net because of the poor quality of service you offered to one customer. How we can avoid it? Yes, you can at least minimize these negative stuffs but not to scrape off totally. You didn't control each one's emotions that is why all of us has to stand by our opinions.

What are the steps we need to overcome this? Yes, you have to do act today before it gets worst.

Here is the list taken from Site Reference article:

Respond courteously to reviews on local listing sites.
Respond actively to comments on your blog and social media pages.
Publish regular expert-level content related to your field.
Comment on other blogs and industry platforms.

Publish press releases and participate in media interviews.
Guest post on other industry blogs.
Speak at industry events and attend networking events.

How we can minimize errors from our side? MONITOR. All you have to do is to ask feedback from your customers, and, LISTEN TO THEM.


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