Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here are the seo link building tips

Looking for valuable links coming in and out for your websites? Here are the  best strategies summarize for your website to appear in search engine results through link building

1. higher but quality links - choose reputable and relevant links you would like to become more visible online. chooing the right keywords gives additional opportunity to make your site more valuable. always check your site structure, some pages might be missing out the right keywords for your landing pages.

2.superior contents - no need to explain more, provide useful contents for your readers not for search engines!

3. blogs and rss - don't get confused, blogging is different from rss. set up an rss feed on your blog or use the default rss. you can also submit feeds to the directories

4. directories - old norms, but just do it manually for safe submissions.

5. spying on your competitor's links - why don't check if where they linking to? but don't follow them althroughout. it can be a trap!

6. article and submissions - always submit to articles that can be useful.

7. purchasing links - it's the last option but you can also exchange links through blog networks

these are just quick tips, but it relies on how you're able to compete with thousands of competitors through link building! trust yourself and have patience.

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