Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your SEO Team

Search Engine Optimization includes several tasks that a single person cannot do. That is why you need to build a team to reach a certain goal. It is the closest thing to success when it comes to internet marketing. Each members have their own roles to fulfill. Each of them are designated to tasks of their expertise. And while working on their own assignments, no one should forget that they still need to communicate to other members. Because SEO is a continuous project, it should be done with constant team effort, from start to finish. The success of a project is seen not on the success of a single member, but by the whole team. So when everything turns out less efficient, it's time to do something.

When your SEO Team is not performing well, there are still a lot of things that you can do. Here are some way for you to raise the efficiency of the group and keep success in a shouting distance.

First, you need to save time. It can be done through an email address, especially created for the group. It is where you will keep the developments and reports regarding the current project. Each team members must have an account to that email address to keep them updated of the changes or news related to his/her tasks. Since there are a lot of changes happening in SEO, it is good to inform each member about it. And whenever a new staff will come, you can instantly send him/her the files he/she needs.

Keep each files easy to access. So whenever one of the member or the group itself needs to turn back to previous files, they can easily find it. There should have one format for daily and monthly reports. Don't just keep it inside emails, instead, sort it out on a separate section in the computer, with a file and folder name that is easy to remember.

Make it clear who will do this and who will do that. This means that tasks should be designated to each member clearly. Let them know what they are supposed so the work will be started immediately. A I mentioned earlier, each member should be dealing with tasks that they excel. For example, content writing should be done by your resident writer not by the link builder, and vice versa. By this, you can monitor the flow of the whole project.

Recognize the accomplishments. It may be simple but it can mean a lot to the members. Leaders should be appreciative with the efforts being exerted by each staff. That way, they will not only work what they are supposed to do, they will even go beyond it. It is called motivation. People gets more interested with something if they are being applauded.

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