Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things to Consider for Local SEO and PPC Success

Search engine optimization and Pay per click are two well-known internet marketing strategies that is used by most internet advertisers and businessmen. They are two completely different strategies, but using both of them on one single site is not confusing. In fact, it is more helpful.

Both SEO and PPC are essential in promoting website's products or services. Imagine a website that is built and then left just like that. Of course, you are now imagining nothing. Because not too long, they are already buried to the deepest of the web. But by using search engine optimization and PPC, there is a chance that your site can be the most famous in its line.

Things that determine the success of your site in local search are relevant keywords, prospects that convert, A competitive advantage or a not too competitive niche, Proportion of cost and revenue that creates positive ROI and trackability that can prove ROI. SEO and PPC consider all of these.

Keywords is the most important of all. This is where the two strategies mostly concentrate at. However, the job is not just finding the right keywords, because they change in a time that nobody knows. The work must be constant or else, your shot to the top of the ranking is gone.

Here are some tips from the Search Engine Journal Site on how you can make your site successful on local search. And we will try to explain them to you in the best way that we can.

    *      Don't start a business in the middle of nowhere.- This means that you can't put yourself in a situation that you nothing about. You should have at least a background of where you are getting at to avoid getting lost.

    *      Don’t start a business in a blue ocean without a bunch of money.- Capital is essential. You won't be able to make your dream of business

happen if you don't have money or enough money. You should invest first before expecting to profit. That is a golden rule in this new age of business.

    *      Research keywords before starting new business efforts.- As mentioned above, keywords are the key to success. But you can't find the

best one anywhere else. The best thing that you can do is to research. Know about the trend, most searched words,. Competitors keywords and a whole

lot more. By doing this, you are saying that you are now ready for the battle.

    *      Create a competitive advantage if you don’t have one.- Find your strength and make use of it all the time. At least you will have something to hold on to during the game.

    *      Create a Brand and an Email List.- Create your own identity. This way, people will easily remember you. Stay reachable so you will know what others say about you.

    *      Avoid pricing wars. If you know it is something you cannot afford, stay out of it. Instead, create a situation that will make you stand out from the other.

    *      Use analytics and conversion tracking to guide optimization and prove ROI – be update with your site. You can use Google Analytics, stat counter or other free services that offers detailed statistics of the status of your site.

    *      Let your business wisdom and web analytics have a dialogue.

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