Saturday, December 25, 2010

Search Engine Optimization for Visitor and Google Simultaneously

In creating a website for your business, search engine optimization is the best that you can turn to. That is if all you want is great number of visitors in a very affordable method. SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engine via natural or organic search engine results. With this fact at hand, we would arrive to the idea that our pages should be working in line with the search engines, the most notable one is Google. But this should not be done all the time. Because sometimes, the visitors demand for some things. A web site should be optimized in accordance with the wants or needs of the visitors. Now, does this sounds trouble for you as an SEO?

Everything in the internet world has a solution. Because even if you are optimizing you web pages for the search engine, you can still heed to the request of your visitors. And you can do this simultaneously. This way you can get the amount of traffic that you want, and you can satisfy your visitors. Here are some tips that you can follow in re-designing your website for the sake of both Google and visitors.

First, you need to use URL rewrites and 301 redirects. This is vital to match your previous web pages to the new ones. This will keep you on track with the changes or developments that you need to make. They are big helps if you wish to re-design your website without falling even just a notch in the Google Search Engine Ranking. You can do this only if you have a server power, especially if what you are going to do involves several pages. Make sure the old URL will redirect the visitors to the newly reinvented web pages. Try each links to prevent broken links that is the main cause of poor search engine ranking. This task will be easy to accomplish for small and moderately sized websites. On the other hand, huge websites would need extra server power.

And when you try to re-design your website, don't throw away what you have started, at least save some that you think are still useful. Work with the changes slowly but surely. If you make a huge change, it will surely affect your search engine rankings. Indexing of your site will more likely go back to start because of the new contents. Change one page at a time. But if you want to lose the entire ranking, do it overnight. Contents should be intensely monitored because it is where the robots depend.

Patience, this could be the word you can hold on to if you want your site to retain its page rank and at the same time, satisfy the demand or needs of visitors.

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