Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Social Media Affect the Small Business World

Social Media is a phenomenon, there is no doubt about it. If you are to count how many people are into social media, you will need to freeze the time. The number keeps on growing, you may even ask, “how can they accommodate such immense number of subscribers?”. But there is something that is more surprising, social media is not just a haven for individuals, it is much more of a heaven for small business. Yes, businesses. Famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr etc., may be getting benefits from business through paid advertisements. But more than that, businesses are also profitable because of the social media.

But how? How do social media affect the flow of the small business world? They are very easy to distinguish.

Social media do not just make effects on the small business world, they are changing it. First of all, the main purpose of this phenomenon is to communicate. For individuals, it is obvious, but for small businesses, they will need to work for it. And if they succeed, everything else will go well. Just like in the actual business environment, communication with your audiences or customers is important, the only difference that social media brought is that they are cheaper and easier to access and deliver. And also, the reach is evidently wider.

Social media marketing is the term that collates every strategy that involves social media. It defies the use of billboards, broadcast advertising like Television and radio and other form of promotion, which is what we know as traditional marketing. If we are to look closer, internet is slowly beating other form of media. This is what small businesses are taking advantage of.

In traditional marketing, you still need to spread the information about your business and then wait how many will be returned. But with social media, it is all about captive audience. Aside from promoting your site to random people, others who already have interest on your business can befriend or follow you. It only means that you have guaranteed customers in less work.

Another beneficial about social media sites is that they let you bring your message to a certain number of people instead of waiting for them to contact you. This is very convenient because at least, you need to conducts seminars on huge venues or post posters on different places just to make them aware of your products or services.

Social media is really helpful, both for small and big businesses. It is a hub that homes all forms of advertising, that is why more and more people are creating their own pages on different social media sites. Being a member of any social media site is already a form of promotion, and its free. Plus, you can also perform other forms like video posting, podcasts, paid advertising and a lot more.

Social media is a gift to small businesses. It is a gift that can only return good things. It is a nice gift, why not grab it?

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