Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dealing with Landing Pages on SEO

Landing pages is one of the most important part of creating a website. Of all the pages, it should be the one with high ranking since it is where the most significant information of your website will be found. Landing page is where most of the problems by SEO occurs. Usually, they tend to overwrite or overlook the way they create their landing pages. As a result, they loose the supposed visitors or potential conversions. It is something that search engine specialists should concentrate at because landing pages speaks of the quality of one's site. If the landing page is wrong, then the website is poorly optimized.

There are two type of landing pages, one is the reference pages and the transactional pages. Reference pages are the ones that are favored by the search engine and transactional are favored by those who want to make money online. And when dealing with search engine, you should settle for reference pages. First is that it is free, and second, it is easy to cultivate.

However, transactional pages have the same significance because it turns visitors into buyers. This process is called conversion. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is one of many ways to do transactional landing pages.

When it comes to search engine optimization, it is still hard to tell which one should be use. And this ends up with specialists settling instead for a combination of reference and transactional. This is now called the “hybrid pages”. This is done by making sure calls to action are near the top of the page, while SEO elements and reference content are closer to the bottom of the design. Through this, your page may reach the top of search results, which is the main goal of optimizing it. It will be visible for the users, chances are, they will stay longer on the page or bookmark it. These visitors will eventually become potential conversions. Additionally, using a hybrid page as a PPC landing page may improve your quality score because more keyword variations are being covered on the page.

The most effective to design a hybrid page is probably by using some known conversion factors from tested PPC landing pages, make use of it by copying the information at the top of the landing page. It is a must to have follow-up call to action below the fold or at the bottom of the content. This is to make readers well-served before they decide to jump into another page.

Through hybrid pages, you will have a clear shot at page results ranking, and at the same time, have possible visitor conversions. That is two birds with one stone. But you can only achieve this through proper design and search engine optimization.

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