Monday, November 29, 2010

Useful SEO Tools for Internet Businesses

A business that has a website is a well-thinking business. Being on the web is the current, and probably imperishable trend right now. Almost all types of business, small or big are turning to the new sensation to keep them growing. For sure, an e-commerce is very advantageous. But the job does not end with creating a website. Search engine can put name on the status and future of your business.

SEO may be arduous, but it is all worth it. Besides, the job is getting more and more convenient for SEO specialists. And another, there are many SEO tools that you can use in monitoring the search engine ranking of your website. And the best thing is, they are for free. You can access them with no hassles, but full of benefits. Here are some useful SEO tools that an internet business can use to heighten up their page ranking on the search engine.

   1. Keyword Density Checker- this is a tool that lets you know what keywords to be used. Keywords are the key in making to the top. Search engines are focusing on it. By knowing the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appeared in a web page, you'll be able to avoid “black hat”. If you commit this, you'll get penalized by the search engine, you won't get picked up by the crawlers, to the extent that your site will be banned.

   2. Similar page checker- If you think plagiarism is tolerable no the web, think again. Search engines is very strict on this. The reprimand those that posts similar content or pages. This tool will let you know if the page you are about to post is similar to something somewhere on the web. This free tool can help you create a fresh and original web pages which are very crucial to search engines.

   3. Domain Stats Tool- it is a tool that will let you get valuable info and stats about your competitors’ domains. In short, it helps you spy on your competitors. This is of great help because you'll be able to track down what methods you should use to make your business more appealing to search engines. Domain Stats Tool includes Alexa Traffic Rank, age of the domains, Yahoo WebRank, Dmoz listings, backlink counts, plus the number of pages that are indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and more.

   4. Backlink Builder- Backlinks are very essential in SEO. It's like it is blood that helps run your website. This tool will help you in searching and finding websites that have the subject you specified. You can find sites that have links saying “add site”, “add link”, “suggest site”, “submit URL” and other similar pages. Because of this tool, you can find numerous sites that you can link into, giving your site a greater chance for more backlinks.

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