Saturday, November 6, 2010

SEO Techniques for Specific Media Types

There are many different media types, there are print and broadcast, advertising, films and of course, the internet. Of all these types, the last one, which is the internet, has the ability to bring all of the mentioned media into one. This is not very surprising. Most media companies are turning to internet make their reach wider and become more accessible to the public.

Although they already have an established name in the actual setting, the world wide web is still a different environment. They still have to join the battle for the page results ranking. Their fame won't be enough if the search engine is focusing more on keywords that will match every users' queries. Thus, media types embracing the power of internet also have to undergo SEO or search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization for different media types may be easy because of direct name search, but it will be harder for people who doesn't know them or not aware that they exist in the web.

First is on video optimization, you can only rank well if you posted or tagged the video related to your site on free video streaming sites like Youtube and Hulu. Your video must also have a how-to and “about us” content because it will really help the users that will see it. Content-wise, keywords must be related to the video.

According to Ron Jones of Search Engine Watch, the universal and blended searches will require rich caption text and alt text for photographs. This will make the interaction between the site and the browser better, giving your website greater chances of getting higher ranks. Jones also mentioned that keeping related content in a single page is a key factor for SEO success.

For media types, contents are given, most of the work should be focused on the keywords, content is already there. SEOs must select proper keywords in order for the search engines to find them. This can be on the press release or blogs.

They can also use the news and localized content, according again to Jones. There are several news channels on the web. Each search engines that you know has their own. This is a great time to earn more publicity and an opportunity a larger market in the world wide web.

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