Sunday, November 21, 2010

Search Engine Optimization for Facebook

Search engine optimization is the approach used by many websites to earn good ranking on different search engines. Google is the top search engine on the world wide web. And so, most strategies being used SEO specialists are compromising to the changes happening or made by Google. But its supremacy is threatened. Most SEOs nowadays aren't focusing much on Google. They are a concentrating to a new site, and not a search engine, where they though traffic is abundant. That is Facebook.

Looking at the statistics, Facebook has an overwhelming member counting to 350 million all over the world. From this gigantic number, more than 50% are opening their accounts everyday. This number has just exceeded the amount of visitors of Google, making Facebook the most visited website so far. It became the ultimate source of information, whether it is about news or other references. And e-commerce owners are aware of this. They are taking advantage of the current phenomenon by creating their own pages in the number one social media site.

To get more traffic, attract visitors and create sales online, you should first make a reputation out of your site. And the best way to do this is by joining several social networking sites. This is a big help in maintaining high ranking in a longer term. Addressing the search engines directly is not that effective anymore. Because of people's indulgence to Facebook, the page search result was changed, giving Facebook a top rank for different queries.

This is hard to restrain instead, website owners should just go with the flow. If they cannot beat Facebook, they should join them. Most websites are now doing optimization wherein they are promoting their own Facebook pages. But just like in the competition within search engines, the approach and strategy used in Facebook optimization is different.

Facebook is displaying results based on time as a major relevance factor and not with the subject. If Google is all about relevance and accuracy, Facebook optimization is a test of speed and ability.

But it is not just time that makes the social networking site different. It also depends on how users access their needed information while they are logged in Facebook. By just typing their search on the search box of the social media site, a list of the most relevant up to the least relevant will come out. Users are also exposed to different information through news feeds, friends' status updates, notifications, e-mails and other forms, which makes Facebook optimization entirely different. Keyword is not really the best thing to work for.

There are still no clear strategy on how your page will rank on searches on Facebook, but considering the ideas mentioned here will really help. The fact that you are now owning a Facebook account for your business, you are already on the right track, it's just that, you need to keep moving ahead.

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