Monday, November 29, 2010

Useful SEO Tools for Internet Businesses

A business that has a website is a well-thinking business. Being on the web is the current, and probably imperishable trend right now. Almost all types of business, small or big are turning to the new sensation to keep them growing. For sure, an e-commerce is very advantageous. But the job does not end with creating a website. Search engine can put name on the status and future of your business.

SEO may be arduous, but it is all worth it. Besides, the job is getting more and more convenient for SEO specialists. And another, there are many SEO tools that you can use in monitoring the search engine ranking of your website. And the best thing is, they are for free. You can access them with no hassles, but full of benefits. Here are some useful SEO tools that an internet business can use to heighten up their page ranking on the search engine.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Search Engine Optimization for Facebook

Search engine optimization is the approach used by many websites to earn good ranking on different search engines. Google is the top search engine on the world wide web. And so, most strategies being used SEO specialists are compromising to the changes happening or made by Google. But its supremacy is threatened. Most SEOs nowadays aren't focusing much on Google. They are a concentrating to a new site, and not a search engine, where they though traffic is abundant. That is Facebook.

Looking at the statistics, Facebook has an overwhelming member counting to 350 million all over the world. From this gigantic number, more than 50% are opening their accounts everyday. This number has just exceeded the amount of visitors of Google, making Facebook the most visited website so far. It became the ultimate source of information, whether it is about news or other references. And e-commerce owners are aware of this. They are taking advantage of the current phenomenon by creating their own pages in the number one social media site.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

SEO Techniques for Specific Media Types

There are many different media types, there are print and broadcast, advertising, films and of course, the internet. Of all these types, the last one, which is the internet, has the ability to bring all of the mentioned media into one. This is not very surprising. Most media companies are turning to internet make their reach wider and become more accessible to the public.

Although they already have an established name in the actual setting, the world wide web is still a different environment. They still have to join the battle for the page results ranking. Their fame won't be enough if the search engine is focusing more on keywords that will match every users' queries. Thus, media types embracing the power of internet also have to undergo SEO or search engine optimization.