Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Predict Traffic from Google

Google is the top search engine on the internet. It is the main source of traffic for any website. And so, it is where you should focus more of your work on search engine optimization. You should look at Google as your main target for visitors. You can only gain traffic through the proper use of keywords. And that changes from time to time. Your keywording maybe effective today, but not tomorrow. But anyhow, Google won't give you a hard time to distinguish what keywords you should use. The number one search engine is providing different tools for you to be able to predict what keyword are needed by your site, to be able to gain quality traffic.

These tools cannot exactly tell you how many visitors you will get, it can only tell you what are the words that visitors usually use. Let us explore those Google Keyword tools now.

Google Trend. This is a free tool that lets you enter number of keywords, all at once. This will allow you to tell when was the time that the search for the keywords was at its peak. This is very useful, especially to those e-businesses that are seasonal. You can set this one up by year, months, season or weeks.

Google Adwords is another tool where you can find search pattern. You can determine the search peak within the day, week, months or years. By knowing the pattern, you'll be able to inch closer to know which keywords are appropriate to use for your site.

Google Analytics is another free tool by Google. By creating an account here, you'll have direct access to the information about the visitors of your site. What you will see here are the keywords that people used for the search, the time, total visitors, from what country, average visit, how long did they stay, pages being visited, visitors who came back and many more.

If you think you're not making a name on Google, you can work on it by determining the pattern for your target keywords. Even if there are changes on the Google search, you know you'll be able to keep up because you're using different Google tools. You will come up with the most accurate idea of what keywords should be inserted on your website because you are able to anticipate them. Even if the competition on the web is a bit tighter, you know you will have a close fight because you predicted the pattern.

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