Saturday, October 30, 2010

Facebook and SEO

Facebook is the newest and probably the largest sensation on the web right now. Or maybe, it is the favorite site of all time. More people are turning to Facebook than making searches or do some significant activities on the web. And because of this, many search engines considered Facebook pages on search results. This development on search engine optimization has just changed the way internet marketers do their tasks. SEO specialists will now have to deal with Facebook and use it as one of the main source of traffic for their respective websites.

To have a surging Facebook account, a lot of things must be done. It is not just by simply creating an account. If you've got a website, then Facebook can be your second homepage. With thousands of possible internet users you can befriend, for sure, you will find potential visitors that can later on be converted into sales. And so, there should have the same amount of search engine optimization effort to be done with your Facebook account, just like in your home page.

The following are strategies you can use in creating a Facebook account for the development of your internet business:

    *      Create the most appealing name and stick to it. Remember that the name that you will pick should be something appealing, easy to remember. Don't make it look like spammy or else, users will just ignore your page. Constant changing of names will cost more SEO works. So, you better just modify it.
    *      Personalize your Facebook URL. This is the easiest way that users who have interest on your page can access it. Choose a username that authentically represents your business or brand. Before choosing, make sure it is the best you have it will be permanent. Or if you want, change it and go back to the start.
    *      You should post direct links to your website. On your status posts, you can include the URL of your website on your shout out. This will make your homepage visible to your friends, which would later become an increase in popularity. There are two ways to do this. First is by posting direct on the status post- called the raw URL. And second is by using the attach link in the Facebook publisher.
    *      Find more fans. The more fans you have, the more links you will have to your page on Facebook. This is just like a collect-and-select system.
    *      Add photos, videos, advertise events and start forums among your fans. Just like in SEO, photos or images are also important. This will attract more Facebook users to look at or visit your page. Events and forums will make your Facebook page interactive. This will bring more interest among users because they can react or share something about your site.
    *      Modify the info page of your website account. Put in all the necessary information like contact number. You can also display your interests so that people will know more about your site.

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