Monday, October 11, 2010

Bing Has it When it Comes to Advance Mapping

When it comes to mapping, it is said that Google is no longer the king. Bing, Microsoft's search engine has taken advanced mapping competition into higher level. And it is believed that they now have the control of the wheel. Bing Maps has just introduced its “Street Side” as the answer to Google's Street View. And since then, Bing's bet has been getting good reviews to both internet users and experts.

Bing's Street View will allow users to actually walk down the street through their computers. Google also has this feature but Bing's have 2D and 3D options that can make the map look clearer. Microsoft's little ass-kicker lets users to take a virtual walk through any street with a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding buildings and landmarks. When you use Bing Maps, you can stroll the location with a special lightspeed and be able to zoom in or zoom out that specific location search. You can feel you are really in the place because of the Photosynth Technology and an enhanced Bird's Eye Feature.

Silverlight UI is one of the elements being acquired by the Bing Maps. With these acquisition, we are able to take advantage of the 3D aspects included within the platform and truly immerse users into the site.

Streetside is the term used to describe the Streetside photography-like technology being added to Bing maps. Some of its special features are:

    * Ground level photographs fully stitched allowing full continuous immersion into the street level landscape
    * Rotate images in a full 360 degree panorama
    * Zoom-in and out on specific locations within the Streetside photos with the mouse clicks, mouse wheels or navigation controls
    * Reverse geocoding tells you your approximate location within an address block
    * Street labels hovering within the images showing you road names (so you don’t get lost)
    * Auto-fade of labels when mouse movement has stopped improving the visual context of the Streetside photos
    * Overview map with direction projection image to indicate which direction you’re facing within the image.

Enhanced Bird's Eyes is the most admirable feature of the new Bing Maps. This is probably one of its edges against Google Maps. There is urban view and non-urban view. Bing invested more on the photogrammetric processing, hyping it up for a new mode in the urban areas. It has captured high resolution photography ans stereo data to create models for each cities. For the non-urban areas, flat decades are brought up to life by taking satellite imagery and aerial photos to re-project the Earth in a way that allows a better view of the world.

There's still more of Bing Maps. And each features are a bit step ahead than that of Google. Bing has Application Gallery, Photosynth, Simultaneous Multiple Searches, Local Search Integration, Simplified Navigation, Auto-Location Detection,

Weather and a lot more. If you want to know what all of these means, maybe you gotta try Bing.

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