Sunday, October 17, 2010

Basic Concepts in Advanced Keyword Research

When it comes to internet marketing, keywording is definitely the key to success. Back in the old days when internet was still not that flooded with different e-commerce, the market was very easy to handle. But now, determining they keywords to be used for your businesses became very complicated. Coming up with the most appropriate one is very arduous and needs so much work. The competition is getting tighter and tighter for everyone. Even though there are Keyword tools that keep up with fast changes, we still can't say how accurate they are because tomorrow, there can have another major change to happen. Sometimes, the only way to get good ranking is through PPC services, that is if the service you hired from an SEO company, like link building didn't work.

Any internet businesses should make advance keyword research. This is for them to get good ticket on the search engine. It is not as simple as snapping your finger. There are tools being used to come up with best keywords. Keyword research in the Age of Data Overload is so much more different from the days when internet business is still new. And so, what we need are foundational resources like Trellia Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, and Google AdWords Internal/ External Tool. There are also some powerful niche keyword tools that you can turn to. PPC history, organic analytics and associated conversion metrics are site-specific data sets that can mash up traffic to your site.

The mentioned tools works best in keyword research for SEO, PPC and social media optimization through different creative combinations. Here are the examples:

    *      Wire up a website's SEO, advised by its historic mid-tail PPC conversion metrics. Base decisions on "what to go for," on your site's authority and what's attainable organically.
    *      Start with competitive intelligence from SpyFu, Paste top keywords into WordTracker Lateral Stemming Thesaurus. Then run the results through AdWords External Keyword Tool. Sort to find the sweet spot where low average CPC intersects with higher search frequency. Set up an inexpensive mid-tail AdWords Campaign.

    *      Scrape any page in your site for phrase density. Then use social search engines like StumbleUpon, Twitter or Digg to find relevant content. Scrape your discoveries as well, to advise creation of additional content and categories for your site. Think of the process as keyword discovery by (buzz pocket mining).

    *      Study seasonal organic traffic and its propensity to convert for certain geotargeted permutations. Then advise segmentation of seasonal PPC campaigns with the data. Create additional content (and associated SEO), advised by keywords' conversion PPC conversion success (one happy circle).

    *      When multiple inline links to the same page from the same page exist, base your doFollow/noFollow decisions on PPC conversion data.

Also for advanced Keyword Research, there is a checklist that you can follow in planning the keyword research process. The effectiveness of each checklist varies depending on the site.

    *      The standard process. This is by using the Trellian KW Discovery, Google AdWords External Keyword Tool, WordTracker. You can experiment your sorting through PPC advertiser competition, seasonality and average CPC, different match types and synonyms. You can also dial negative keywords and export seriously useful reports.
    * is a free and paid subscription service that lets you get competitive insights on competitor's and other sites on the web.
    *      Buzz Pocket mining is a community-recommended harvesting authority that works for the keyphrase insight, basket-build by keyword research tools and extrapolate by lateral stemming process. BPM also makes it easy to identify and note each community's influencers and authority users for networking and conversational marketing.
    *      SpyFu is where you can download competitors' AdWords keywords and AdWords including bid cost metrics.
    *      Through organic search traffic and conversions, you will find the site's authentic meaning and character.
    *      PPC is also very effective in a way that it has the ability to cast a wide net quickly, to gain insight as to what works.

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