Saturday, October 30, 2010

Facebook and SEO

Facebook is the newest and probably the largest sensation on the web right now. Or maybe, it is the favorite site of all time. More people are turning to Facebook than making searches or do some significant activities on the web. And because of this, many search engines considered Facebook pages on search results. This development on search engine optimization has just changed the way internet marketers do their tasks. SEO specialists will now have to deal with Facebook and use it as one of the main source of traffic for their respective websites.

To have a surging Facebook account, a lot of things must be done. It is not just by simply creating an account. If you've got a website, then Facebook can be your second homepage. With thousands of possible internet users you can befriend, for sure, you will find potential visitors that can later on be converted into sales. And so, there should have the same amount of search engine optimization effort to be done with your Facebook account, just like in your home page.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Predict Traffic from Google

Google is the top search engine on the internet. It is the main source of traffic for any website. And so, it is where you should focus more of your work on search engine optimization. You should look at Google as your main target for visitors. You can only gain traffic through the proper use of keywords. And that changes from time to time. Your keywording maybe effective today, but not tomorrow. But anyhow, Google won't give you a hard time to distinguish what keywords you should use. The number one search engine is providing different tools for you to be able to predict what keyword are needed by your site, to be able to gain quality traffic.

These tools cannot exactly tell you how many visitors you will get, it can only tell you what are the words that visitors usually use. Let us explore those Google Keyword tools now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Basic Concepts in Advanced Keyword Research

When it comes to internet marketing, keywording is definitely the key to success. Back in the old days when internet was still not that flooded with different e-commerce, the market was very easy to handle. But now, determining they keywords to be used for your businesses became very complicated. Coming up with the most appropriate one is very arduous and needs so much work. The competition is getting tighter and tighter for everyone. Even though there are Keyword tools that keep up with fast changes, we still can't say how accurate they are because tomorrow, there can have another major change to happen. Sometimes, the only way to get good ranking is through PPC services, that is if the service you hired from an SEO company, like link building didn't work.

Any internet businesses should make advance keyword research. This is for them to get good ticket on the search engine. It is not as simple as snapping your finger. There are tools being used to come up with best keywords. Keyword research in the Age of Data Overload is so much more different from the days when internet business is still new. And so, what we need are foundational resources like Trellia Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, and Google AdWords Internal/ External Tool. There are also some powerful niche keyword tools that you can turn to. PPC history, organic analytics and associated conversion metrics are site-specific data sets that can mash up traffic to your site.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Evolution of Ecommerce Sites, SEO Challenges and Threats

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services over electronic systems like internet and other computer network. It is the emerging market of this time. Several brick and mortar retailers are switching or creating their version on the web. As years pass, the competition between etailers is getting tighter and tighter. Search engine optimization is one of the modern method that etailers use to sell their enterprises. Few more years, the internet will become a battlefield for many businesses. The number of e-businesses will go double or more each year. Something that is anticipated by many businessmen.

1981 was the first time that online shopping was first recorded. It was the Thomson Holidays. And on that decade, online marketing became more popular, especially in UK by auto manufacturers such as Ford, Peugeot-Talbot, General Motors and Nissan. was one of the first e-commerce site on the web, mainly focusing on goods, a good example is book. This site was launched in 1995., a business search engine and web directory and pay per click advertising network, was born in 1999. Paypal happened. It is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. And the rest is history.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bing Has it When it Comes to Advance Mapping

When it comes to mapping, it is said that Google is no longer the king. Bing, Microsoft's search engine has taken advanced mapping competition into higher level. And it is believed that they now have the control of the wheel. Bing Maps has just introduced its “Street Side” as the answer to Google's Street View. And since then, Bing's bet has been getting good reviews to both internet users and experts.

Bing's Street View will allow users to actually walk down the street through their computers. Google also has this feature but Bing's have 2D and 3D options that can make the map look clearer. Microsoft's little ass-kicker lets users to take a virtual walk through any street with a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding buildings and landmarks. When you use Bing Maps, you can stroll the location with a special lightspeed and be able to zoom in or zoom out that specific location search. You can feel you are really in the place because of the Photosynth Technology and an enhanced Bird's Eye Feature.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Power of Google Analytics

Many SEO company use Google Analytics to track down their website's visitors. They believe it can give them the fastest and most accurate results, which is essential in the flow of their jobs.

Generally, Google Analytics is a product of Google whose main purpose is to generate detailed statistics about the visitors of a certain website. There are so many website statistics service, but GA is used by 40% of more than 10,000 most popular website in the world wide web. It can track visitors of referrals like search engines, display advertising, pay-per click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. By getting an account at GA, users can now review online campaigns by keeping track of landing page quality and conversions. Conversions are called goals. This is what a professional SEO's are working for. They need to work their goals. And they can do this better if they will have a detailed stats about their site. Goals include sales, lead generation, view of certain pages and download of files. Using this can also make you determine which ads are performing and which one is not. You can also identify which page has the
poorest performance using funnel visualization. It also have advanced features including customer visitor segmentation.