Sunday, September 5, 2010

Search Engine Predictions for 2010

The future of search engine is unpredictable. There are a lot of changes happening from time to time. And who is largely affected? Everyone. The search engine, the internet marketers and of course, the users. The year ahead will definitely ask for something new. New methods, new approach, new means and new results. The face of internet marketing won't be the same as before. But of course, changes that are about to happen are all for the better. Here are some predictions of web experts regarding search engines for the year 2010.

Bing will be do big for this year. Microsoft's search engine is expected to take over Google. How? Because may spend more trying to buy their way into the search rather than spending more on developing their engine. Just before 2009 ended, Bing announced that they are taking the competition on a different level against Google and other search engines. Yahoo is the first one that they have eclipsed. And then, it is believe that Microsoft will pick up significant share using cash to buy distribution. With Microsoft and its money, they are really capable of anything.

Mobile search will become the new black rather than desktop search. Internet is expected to conquer entirely the telecommunications world, mobile is where it will be felt largely. Anything on the web will be very easy to access because of this thing called mobile revolution. Searches are doable people's multimedia phones.

There will be a big leap in internet advertising. Since e-commerce is an emerging industry, the competition will be tighter, retailers are expected to use methods they thought effective in their own ways. One of these is paid advertising. They will find edge through this.

Google will transform into a software company rather than being “just” a search engine. The number one search engine will make a sudden cultural shift, deciding to become a newer and more open version of Microsoft. They will seek to make partnerships with social media instead of competing against them.

Social Networking site is the new and most effective method to use for search engine optimization. Actually, this is not just a prediction, this is already a fact. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were already used by marketers to spread the information about their business. It won't be a surprise if they become the number one source of traffic for many websites.

Lastly, traditional search results will be lessened. This does not mean that users will stop searching. This means that all searches will be more significant and specific. Search results will need to provide the most accurate and latest display for every searches. Google Caffeine may have aid this, but we don't they can sustain it.

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