Friday, September 10, 2010

Major Updates on SE

2010 is definitely going to be a new year for the SEO Market. New setting, new methods, and new approaches when it comes to the searches done by users on the search engine. A lot of news, and this will definitely change the flow of business on the internet. Experts say that these are all for the better. Whether they like it or not, SEO Marketers will be dictated by these changes and updates. Their business is the one that is largely affected by these changes.

Google, the number one search engine on the web, made a lot of updates right before the year has ended. Now, all of those that use Google, SEO or not, will have to cope up with these changes. First and one of the most notable news from the top search engine is the introduction of the Google Caffeine. Expert say, it is what reinvents the Search Engine Optimization. Being unveiled in August 2009, Google Caffeine is said to be the major upgrade of the search engine today. The new search architecture is designed to return results faster and to better deal with rapidly updated information from strong social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. Some Google developers were aware that users notices that there are no big changes happening, for the first series of tests. But users found out later on that the difference is the search return time. Google caffeine is noticeably faster than any search engine. And this triggered the creation of New Google versus Old Google. Of course, the new one is favored. New Google may return fewer results, but they all came faster, and certainly more updated.

Many believe that this move by Google is sparked by Microsoft's introduction of Bing. And when being compared to Bing, testers say that there is no much difference but Google Caffeine has it.

Another major update from Google is on the Personalized Search for Everyone. The innovation is that Google can now provide you with personalized search even if you are not signed-in. They first offered the personalized search for signed-in users, and now developers are expanding it. This is based on your 180 days of search activity linked to an anonymous cookie in your browser. This update will affect SEO's keyword study for every clients they have since users already have their own keywords to use.

Yahoo also did major changes with its services. The Yahoo developers unveiled the changes to its new search engines and new versions of Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger and endured the negative write ups made by journalists and bloggers about how the search plans will be realized should Microsoft's Bing begin to power Yahoo Search in 2010. The very first search engine is trying to make its site more personal for users. Yahoo was on a slag against Google and Microsoft for the fast few years. Adding to that is the challenge brought by Facebook and Twitter.

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