Friday, September 17, 2010

The Dominant Role of Social Media Sites on Search Engine Marketing

2010: Perspective for Search Marketers
The Dominant Role of Social Media Sites on Search Engine Marketing

The new decade is also a new age for search marketers. Expect that there will be big changes on SEO. The previous year promised a lot of changes, especially on the way search market will work. The industry of search engine marketing is constantly changing, or so to speak, evolving. This happens with a purpose of development. These changes don't focus on just one factor but with several. Having an online site is maybe the easiest way to do business and the success here is achieved through SEO. Search engine marketing is a complex and complicated task, especially when you don't understand how the market goes on. Adding to this complication is the evolution happening from time to time. The trend changes and that makes the SERP seismic for any keyword query. Google is the most used search engine. And as expected, it is the one who is making first moves to develop the search engine results page, making the arena more complicated for marketers.

One of the most notable change or development happening on search engine marketing is the unstoppable coming of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media sites like these have become the modern age's most dominant and most effective way to share information. More and more people are turning to these sites in search of something to do. But as we go on, social media sites became useful not only for ordinary people but also for internet businesses. E-businesses can use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social networking site to make everyone informed about their product or service.

Link building is one of the main factors in search engine success. If being put on your web pages, it serves as recommendations, like a site worth visiting. Back then, it takes a while before finishing a hardcode to a link in the HTML of your website. But now, with social media sites very accessible and free, everything is very easy to perform. If a user came across with something interesting while surfing the internet, he/she may post it together with a link on his/her account or status post, making it readable for other users. This made the spread and reach of information wider and faster. This is something that internet businesses can take advantage of if they want a random, but wider and faster reach to their customers.

What social networking sites can bring to internet businesses are traffic and engagement. With every blogs, status posts or tweets that accompanied with links, a sure traffic may visit your site. Of course, people won't post them for nothing. They find them interesting and so they posted your page. Each visitors can be converted into customers that can mean sales depending on how they see your business.

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