Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doing Image Search Engine Optimization

Users don't just use contents to find what they are looking for on the internet. Sometimes, they are looking for them through images. Or maybe, they are looking for the image itself. In fact, Image search is the fastest growing vertical search on the web, but it only comes next after content search. And this is one aspect that many SEO company is focusing at. They are anticipating the possibility that internet users might be searching images instead of documents. Even those ordinary bloggers are using pictures to make their sites rank as well. There are many ways on how you can effectively optimize your images for it to soar in the page ranking of image search. Once you use them, your site will definitely get more traffic than what you expected. Here are some of them.

First, make sure that the image you have uploaded is directly related to your site. You can't use images that are irrelevant because the robots will just ignore them.

You should use the Alt Attribute of the IMG tag. Don't over do this or you will just ruin the campaign of the image. Attributes should describe the image in a very short description, maybe two to three words and straight to the point.

There should have an image originality. Photos you have should be taken by you or your staffs personally. You can brand them with your logo, URL or trademark. As a retailer, it will also allow you to present the product in the best possible way that will convert with your audience.

Accompany your images with press releases or articles or vice versa. Images being displayed by search engines are incorporated with relevant contents. This is something that is beneficial for both searcher and business. Supply each page with URL so that the searcher will easily know where to go once he/she become interested with that page.

Always put caption on your image. It should be something that is very inviting or sensationalized. But not to the point that it isn't true anymore. You can put it on the top or on the side of the image. You can be descriptive about the picture than with the alt attribute, yet, make it look natural.

Work with the format of your image. Determine if it should be saved as JPG file or GIF because search engines are going to interpret GIF as a standard graphic image and JPG as photos. This goes by the number of colors on the picture.

Present photos or images in good quality. It is sure that users will click on your image if it is clear and very pleasant to look at. Make necessary resolution adjustments if necessary.

Most of all, make sure that the folder where you store your images is not blocked by the robots.txt file. Store the pictures of products, events, news and other related images in one special folder and leave it open to spiders.

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