Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Search Engines Find Your Content

A search engine is designed to search for information inside the World Wide Web. There are lot of web pages on the internet, but through search, by typing in your search query, you'll get the closest, if not the exact results. On the part of websites, especially those that are into business, the content is their weapon. Because for search engines, the only way for you to get noticed by them is present relevant compositions that can satisfy the search by internet users.

Search engine works through a computer program the browses the web called the web spider, web robot, bots or worms. IT operates first through crawling, indexing and then searching. Indexing collects, parses and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval. It is designed to find the web pages on the internet. Searching, also called web search query is the search that a user make, in which the search engine responds to.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doing Image Search Engine Optimization

Users don't just use contents to find what they are looking for on the internet. Sometimes, they are looking for them through images. Or maybe, they are looking for the image itself. In fact, Image search is the fastest growing vertical search on the web, but it only comes next after content search. And this is one aspect that many SEO company is focusing at. They are anticipating the possibility that internet users might be searching images instead of documents. Even those ordinary bloggers are using pictures to make their sites rank as well. There are many ways on how you can effectively optimize your images for it to soar in the page ranking of image search. Once you use them, your site will definitely get more traffic than what you expected. Here are some of them.

First, make sure that the image you have uploaded is directly related to your site. You can't use images that are irrelevant because the robots will just ignore them.

You should use the Alt Attribute of the IMG tag. Don't over do this or you will just ruin the campaign of the image. Attributes should describe the image in a very short description, maybe two to three words and straight to the point.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Dominant Role of Social Media Sites on Search Engine Marketing

2010: Perspective for Search Marketers
The Dominant Role of Social Media Sites on Search Engine Marketing

The new decade is also a new age for search marketers. Expect that there will be big changes on SEO. The previous year promised a lot of changes, especially on the way search market will work. The industry of search engine marketing is constantly changing, or so to speak, evolving. This happens with a purpose of development. These changes don't focus on just one factor but with several. Having an online site is maybe the easiest way to do business and the success here is achieved through SEO. Search engine marketing is a complex and complicated task, especially when you don't understand how the market goes on. Adding to this complication is the evolution happening from time to time. The trend changes and that makes the SERP seismic for any keyword query. Google is the most used search engine. And as expected, it is the one who is making first moves to develop the search engine results page, making the arena more complicated for marketers.

One of the most notable change or development happening on search engine marketing is the unstoppable coming of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media sites like these have become the modern age's most dominant and most effective way to share information. More and more people are turning to these sites in search of something to do. But as we go on, social media sites became useful not only for ordinary people but also for internet businesses. E-businesses can use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social networking site to make everyone informed about their product or service.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Major Updates on SE

2010 is definitely going to be a new year for the SEO Market. New setting, new methods, and new approaches when it comes to the searches done by users on the search engine. A lot of news, and this will definitely change the flow of business on the internet. Experts say that these are all for the better. Whether they like it or not, SEO Marketers will be dictated by these changes and updates. Their business is the one that is largely affected by these changes.

Google, the number one search engine on the web, made a lot of updates right before the year has ended. Now, all of those that use Google, SEO or not, will have to cope up with these changes. First and one of the most notable news from the top search engine is the introduction of the Google Caffeine. Expert say, it is what reinvents the Search Engine Optimization. Being unveiled in August 2009, Google Caffeine is said to be the major upgrade of the search engine today. The new search architecture is designed to return results faster and to better deal with rapidly updated information from strong social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. Some Google developers were aware that users notices that there are no big changes happening, for the first series of tests. But users found out later on that the difference is the search return time. Google caffeine is noticeably faster than any search engine. And this triggered the creation of New Google versus Old Google. Of course, the new one is favored. New Google may return fewer results, but they all came faster, and certainly more updated.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Search Engine Predictions for 2010

The future of search engine is unpredictable. There are a lot of changes happening from time to time. And who is largely affected? Everyone. The search engine, the internet marketers and of course, the users. The year ahead will definitely ask for something new. New methods, new approach, new means and new results. The face of internet marketing won't be the same as before. But of course, changes that are about to happen are all for the better. Here are some predictions of web experts regarding search engines for the year 2010.

Bing will be do big for this year. Microsoft's search engine is expected to take over Google. How? Because may spend more trying to buy their way into the search rather than spending more on developing their engine. Just before 2009 ended, Bing announced that they are taking the competition on a different level against Google and other search engines. Yahoo is the first one that they have eclipsed. And then, it is believe that Microsoft will pick up significant share using cash to buy distribution. With Microsoft and its money, they are really capable of anything.